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Security, Privacy, Reliability and Trustworthiness

We absolutely understand that your primary concern is for the safety, security and well-being of your elderly parents as well as your valuable home and its contents.


HOUSquad was built from the ground up on a "Trust Us" model, where every employee, service and process is 100% verified for security, privacy, reliability and trustworthiness. We constantly monitor, evaluate and track all our employees, contractors and processes to ensure that there are no red flags.

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Values of Trust, Respect and Honor

HOUSquad was created for the very reason that services available in India for the elderly and vacant/rented homes were not trustworthy, reliable or professional enough. As such, we are built on old-fashioned values of trust, respect and honor at the core. We constantly monitor fraud and security concerns the elderly face in India and frequently improve our internal processes, audits and controls to ensure that our clients are protected from it.

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We manage your home for you

We stand behind our commitments to manage your home for you. Where we don't fully control the service delivery, like when we engage third-party trades, we first seek your approval to proceed and we only entertain those entities with whom we have long-standing and trusted relationships, where our clients are given the priority we demand from them. We also carry more-than-sufficient insurance to cover not just our business processes, but also our clients.



International - 1.778.381.5878  India - 91.800.871.5878

Information Technology


Online Family Portal - Client Privacy

Through the secure online Family portal, systems and processes that are time/GPS-location stamped, we ensure that our services are delivered at the right time and in the right manner. Our scheduling and operations system ensures employees only have access to information they need, and only for the clients assigned to them, ensuring client privacy.



Support and Encourage

We understand and empathize with your elderly parents who need to be on their guard to ensure their safety. And that's why we have our Family portal, where you or they can see the photograph and name of the Caretakers who are assigned to their home. We support and encourage your elderly parents to continue to be cautious on this front.

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International - 1.778.381.5878  India - 91.800.871.5878

Well Connected and Networked

We have offices in India and Canada, providing round-the-clock phone and email support, to ensure a 24-hr turnaround time for non-emergency queries. We do not outsource our calls or back-office operations to other companies. Our Caretakers live in the town or city where your home is situated and they are well-connected and networked in that region to bring in the help and resources you would need. If there is a service we are not able to provide, we will be upfront about it, and where we can source it from a trusted third party, we will seek your approval and manage their work.



Secure and Robust Systems

We follow the most stringent Indian (IT Act) and Canadian (PIPEDA) standards and legislation for our privacy practices ensuring your information stays secure and is only available on an "as-needed" basis to specific employees. No information is stored outside of our secure and robust systems and we control and monitor who and when that information was accessed. Our employees do not take photographs of residents in the home, and only where necessary, we take photographs of damages or maintenance progress using company-issued devices onto secure platforms to share with you through the Family portal.



Control and Monitor

Only candidates who consistently care and show empathy are employed by HOUSquad. That is our #1 requirement. All of our employees are hired locally and undergo detailed orientation and training in addition to being background and reference checked for address proof and Police Clearance. Our processes include "shadow shifts", feedback generation and "mystery audits" to ensure our employees deliver on our commitments. As such we are confident in the integrity of our employees that manage your home and your parents' needs.



Values of Trust, Respect and Honor

Through the secure Family portal, you can track scheduled visits, details of scheduled Caretakers and inspection reports that are customized and built with your inputs. So any details or updates that we receive through our Caretakers assigned to your home will immediately be updated in the Family portal, or if necessary, emailed to you. Through Family portal you can see the name, photograph of the Caretaker that will be managing your home.

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International - 1.778.381.5878  India - 91.800.871.5878

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No Hidden Costs

Our employees do not accept cash. We are fully PCI compliant, and all payments are collected only via your Credit Card, using secure and internationally recognized payments processors. All your invoices and payment receipts are available in the Family portal and only services and subscriptions that you approve will be billed to you. No hidden costs or unwanted surprises.



Best In Class

HOUSquad was built by professionals with decades of experience in home healthcare, hospitality, logistics and customer service. We combined that with best-in-class global standards and processes to bring professionalism and efficiency to a function that is otherwise dependent on neighbours, friends and extended family. With HOUSquad, you can demand and expect a level of professionalism and efficiency you would not otherwise have access to for the management of your home.

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