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Scope of Services

Both Plans include:

24x7 Emergency on-call service
Periodic inspections & customized reports
Recommendations to address areas of concern
Secure online Family portal

Services that we can Manage for you

Specialized services are carried out by hand-picked third parties
Managed services are billed at cost plus management fee


•    Comprehensive Medical Checkup at Home
•    Doctor Appointments (incl. home visits)
•    Medication deliveries & Diagnostics
•    Physiotherapy sessions (incl. home visits)
•    Dental services (incl. home visits)
•    Home Care and Nursing Services
•    Pre and Post Hospitalization Support 
•    Ambulance Assistance
•    Medical & other Emergency Assistance 
•    Reminder calls
•    24x7 On-Call suppor


•    Home improvement and renovation
•    Maintenance and repair
•    Home decluttering and re-organization 
•    New appliance/furniture installations
•    Technology support 
•    House cleaning and maid services
•    Landscaping and yard work
•    Food preparation or home delivery
•    Laundry/ironing services
•    Transportation/Driver Assistance
•    Plumbing, Electrician, carpenter services
•    Grocery Delivery

Financial & Legal

•    Utility Bills payment
•    Prepaid account for everyday expenses
•    Online Cash Management
•    Medical emergency Fund Management
•    Monthly/Quarterly visits by Caretaker
•    Rental and Property Management
•    Visa, passport, Ticketing, Forex services
•    Legal assistance
•    Health & Travel Insurance Services


•    Companionship Care 
•    Organising Family events
•    Arranging Picnics and wellness activities
•    Escorted / assisted day outings
•    Religious ceremonies and occasions
•    Visiting religious centres
•    Books and Library visits
•    Beauty/Grooming Services
•    Family visits


International 1.778.381.5878

India 91.800.871.5878

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