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HOUSquad is a tech-enabled, but locally operated, home management service that takes care of all assessments, maintenance, improvements, rental and home service needs for you.

Whether your house is vacant or occupied by your elderly parents, we manage it for you. HOUSquad is the most efficient way to look after your sweet home if you are unable to be there yourself. We inspect, report and once approved by yourself, bring in the right resources to deliver the right solutions, at the right time. 

We are caretakers who manage the needs of your home. As  part of the service, we can engage home-nurses, maids, drivers, landscapers etc.



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We are tech-enabled and global but delivered locally and traditionally. While we use the latest technology to bring assessment reports, status updates, recommendations, photos/videos and quotes to you for your approval or comments, the services at your home back in India are delivered the old fashioned way - by experienced, knowledgeable and trust-worthy local squad members, assisted by hand-picked and vetted local contractors and other resources.


Through our password protected "Family Connect" portal, designated members of the family are able to view details of your assigned Caretaker, Inspection Reports, Invoices, scheduled visits and more.

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International 1.778.381.5878  

India 91.800.871.5878

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