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HOUSquad is the most efficient way to look after your sweet home if you are unable to be there yourself.

  • What services does HOUSquad provide?
    HOUSquad is a tech-enabled, but locally operated, home management service that takes care of all assessments, maintenance, improvements, rental and home service needs for you. Whether your house is vacant or occupied by your elderly parents, we manage it for you.
  • What are the plans & pricing options available for the services provided?
    HOUSquad offers subscription plans (monthly, quarterly or on-call inspection visits), and options for On Demand Services like maintenance, improvements and home services. Additional information regarding the services is available under the Service Plans section on our website.
  • Are these services only available to registered clients?
    HOUSquad services are available only to registered clients on one of our subscription plans (monthly, quarterly or on-call). The on demand services are also only available to subscription clients. Additional information regarding the services is available under the Plans & Pricing section on our website.
  • Is there a trial period to try out your membership?
    HOUSquad does not offer a trial period. If at any point you are not satisfied with our service or we don’t meet your expectations, you can opt out with a 2 week notice, no obligations.
  • What safety precautions will be taken during Covid 19 pandemic?
    HOUSquad strictly follows all COVID safety rules, regulations, procedures and hygiene standards as prescribed by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Government of Telangana and the Government of India.
  • Do you have a network of service providers that you partner with? How do we know they are trustworthy?
    We absolutely understand that your primary concern is for the safety, security and wellbeing of your elderly parents as well as your valuable home and its contents. HOUSquad was built from the ground up on a "Trust Us" model, where every employee, service and process is 100% verified for security, privacy, reliability and trustworthiness. We constantly monitor, evaluate and track all our employees, contractors and processes to ensure that there are no red flags. For additional information refer to the Trust Us piece on our website.
  • Does HOUSquad have a Caretaker. How can we contact him/her?
    Yes, HOUSquad will have a dedicated Caretaker who will attend to all the assessment and will supervise Add-On requests. The Caretaker will contact the client at the initial inspection and will provide their contact information.
  • What does the Caretaker do for my parents / home?
    The dedicated Caretaker will visit on the pre-scheduled assessment date. They will check in on the well being of your parents and then complete the customized home assessment. All reports are completed and made available for your review by the end of the inspection day.
  • Will someone from your team meet my parents to conduct an initial assessment at their home?
    Yes. Upon becoming a member an initial assessment will be completed by a Caretaker who will contact the resident to schedule the assessment.
  • Will someone from your team do the assessment and be there to supervise other jobs?
    All assessments per the chosen subscription plan will be scheduled and conducted by a Caretaker. You will be notified once the assessment is completed and the reports will be available electronically under your secure Family Portal.
  • How do you ensure that services are provided professionally?
    HOUSquad was built by professionals with decades of experience in home healthcare, hospitality, logistics and customer service. We combined that with best-in-class global standards and processes to bring professionalism and efficiency to a function that is otherwise dependent on neighbours, friends and extended family. With HOUSquad, you can demand and expect a level of professionalism and efficiency you would not otherwise have access to for the management of your home.
  • How do we get charged and when do we pay for your services?
    While the Monthly or Quarterly subscription plans are charged on the first day or the month or the quarter to a provided credit card, Add-on services are charged by the cost of the service + % fee for managing and supervising the service or project.
  • How do I subscribe to the services?
    Contact us by email at or call us at 800.871.5878 (within India) or 1.778.381.5878 (outside India)
  • What currencies do you accept and what are the payment options available?
    We accept most international currencies and credit cards (local bank charges may apply)
  • Will you make the payments to the handyman on my behalf?
    Yes, we will pay the contractors / service providers upfront to a certain amount. You will only be charged after the approved work is completed to your satisfaction.
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