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Together changing the game

Image by Matteo Vistocco

It all started when one of our founders living in Canada experienced the challenges involved in taking care of his ageing parents’ house in India. While family, neighbours and friends were available and eager to help, it never felt right to be dependent on them, especially when it came to matters of money, deadlines and expectations. The fact that he wasn’t there himself, made it more challenging as he wasn’t getting clear and objective updates on how things were with his parents’ home. Add complications from shoddy work by the tradesmen, missed deadlines and an overall lack of reliability, and he started looking for local management services that would take care of things. 


He was able to find trades, rental management companies and even property management services for offices and commercial spaces, but there just weren’t any “home management” services that inspected, identified, reported and supervised the delivery of all the needs for a home. When he checked with his friends who were working or permanently settled away from their hometown, he realized that he wasn’t the only one facing these challenges.


There started the mission of creating a tech-enabled local “Squad” that would assist those away from home with the management of their house - be it vacant or occupied by their ageing parents. 



Cherian Itty Verghese

Cherian Itty, MBA (Queen's University, Canada) owns and operates an In-Home Senior Care business in Vancouver, Canada, where he resides with his young family. Prior to that, he worked in Finance, Insurance and Hospitality management in India, the USA and Canada.


Cherian grew up in Kerala (his parents are retired there) and Mumbai in India and is passionate about bringing care solutions for seniors wanting to live independently at home. Cherian is a Rotarian, is active with the St. George Malankara Orthodox Church in Vancouver and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Governors for Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada.


Vinay Racharla

Vinay Racharla, CCC, BHM (Culinary Institute of Canada) brings decades of operational expertise in product development and customer service delivery. He worked with some of the industry leaders in the Hospitality business in India, the Caribbean, the USA and Canada.


Originally from Hyderabad, India, he now lives in Vancouver, Canada. Vinay is committed to bringing the convenience of home management services to the Indian market for the NRI’s and elderly parents who are living by themselves.  He is a member of the Real Hospitality Network and is actively involved in creating opportunities for the students and young professionals.


Susheel Kumar

Susheel Kumar, MBA, (SSIM, Hyderabad) is an independent consultant with experience in Supply Chain Management for the Manufacturing industry and Health Care division. Previously worked in the UK, he now lives in Secunderabad with his family.

His experience in procurement, logistics and distribution has aided in streamlining the operations of multiple businesses he worked for. Susheel enjoys finding solutions and helping people in everyday life, combined with his knowledge of the local market has motivated him to join the HOUSquad project to fulfill the need in the Home Management Services arena.

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